Back to School Shopping?

Back to School Shopping?

Activewear or Sportswear ?

What does back to school mean for this generation in this day and age? Will the future be stuck behind a computer on a zoom call? Maybe we will see the generations in the classroom learning hands-on? What will this mean for millions of student-athletes? The competition has never looked so thin. Athletes from all over are returning to school. Tracking fits forever peering for the latest drip. They are scoping out the competition, gauging each other's strengths. We are the Generations! Our strengths lay in the future. The pandemic has either hindered or elevated your mental awareness. Here at Static Sportswear, we support the dedicated, the dream chasers, the pushers! We are a community of leaders, athletes, and doers. No matter what back to school means for you, we have the gear to get you through. No Time for The Future then Now! Add some electricity to your daily style with Static's Lightning stitching fabric. A reflective logo strikes question into your competition miles away. This logo sends a message of almighty force to be reckoned! Show the opposition that you were born ready. Show the world who you are! Reflect Your Aura in Static Sportswear.


We provide the best in Men's and Women's SPORTSWEAR. From affordable gym clothes to everyday style. Our athleisure looks are a great addition to the style and comfort of your skin. So to answer the question you have been asking, Are we activewear or sportswear? The answer: We Are Everywhere #NewWorldAura

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