Why Static Sportswear?

Why Static Sportswear?

Static Sportswear is an iconic brand that specializes in Athleisure Fashion. Static understands the needs of your athletic performance and athletic gear. We design and manufacture innovative, high-quality, tailored athletic apparel for men, women, and children that are the fastest in sportswear. From the gym to the couch. From training to game day. Static Sportswear takes pride in being a direct-to-consumer brand. No wholesaler. No third-party distributor. We buy directly from manufacturers in the same places we source other necessary materials from (suppliers are based on availability) including cotton, merino wool, and leather. These materials are sourced directly from sheep breeds who are treated humanely and do not harm or mistreat other animals during their time in the animal agriculture industry.


25% of PROCEEDS go to nonprofit organizations (No kid Hungry)

(No Child goes Hungry) (Surfrider Foundation) (Oceana) (TAKE 3) (Red Cross) (Reclaim the Block)

(Thurgood Marshall College Fund)

(My Brother's Keeper Alliance)

(100 Black Men of America) (Black Lives Matter)


Static Sportswear does our part when it comes to preserving the planet. We plan on continuing this effort to protect the earth and the people of this planet by; using recycled material for plastics, papers, and other functional materials. Most packaging items such as tags, plastics, and packing paper; are made of 100% recycled material. We encourage you to do your part and recycle!


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