What is Athleisure?

What is Athleisure?



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Athleisure is the adoption of sportswear into everyday use, by either athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or fashionistas. Static is Athleisure. A perfect example is the variety of consumers we attract. Gym buffs, Yoga-Enthusiasts, Nutritionists, Trainers, Dancers, Runners, even Skateboarders. The list goes on as we excel to becoming the leading brand across the globe. How did it start? Athleisure has become a regular sight for the general public for several years now. Static has been Designing since late 2019. Surges in the market for better athleisure sparked sales in early 2021 for the brand. Part of this surge was due to the introduction of new fabrics, designs, and a direct link to fashion from the style elite.


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