Creation of Static?

Creation of Static?

"My Goal when creating Static is to make a new symbol of Hope!" Designer and C.E.O - Gevon Rodney explains. "What we are doing here will Impact our Generations to come! This symbol that we have so many standing behind cannot be bent, broken, or altered. Static is faster than lightning. Picture a supernova on a galactic level. In the same aspect, your power is unlimited when your mindset is limitless. We are as strong as our community. It's not the strength of the wolf but the strength of the wolf is the pack! This collective of all colors, races, and backgrounds stands up and wears Static Sportswear to show support. I believe we can create a world of peace and mutual respect. We tend to look as different as possible when underneath we are all identical. We invite those who are aware of the greater good. Those who understand the impact of each decision. As we move towards a type 1 society on a global scale. Let this symbol be the shift in consciousness!"

The hearts represent the people. The lightning bolt itself represents one heartbeat and the strength of this community. The symbol stands together as a strong representation of a Greater World. Behind this, we can work to fix the mistakes of humanity for a sustainable brighter future.

-Rumor has it you want to sweat in your Static to activate the form-fitting fibers that respond with your muscle fibers.

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